Bodum Replacement For French Press

Bodum Replacement 12 oz beakers can be found on Amazon and can be ordered on various other web sites through out the Internet. Most everyone who is a fan of French press coffee knows that the best French press coffee comes from the best glass containers and not metal or even plastic. So a broken glass beaker is a terrible loss.

Don’t go replacing your whole French coffee press just because you broke your beaker. Replacement parts are easily obtained and come at a reasonable price, cheaper than a new French press. Buy a Bodum French press glass replacement from Amazon or any other reputable online dealer.A new 12 cup Beaker can fit all Bodum twelve cup Coffee Press, can fix the situation just fine.

• Twelve ounce replacement beaker
• Designed for the Bodum 12 cup coffee French press
• Heat-resistant
• Borosilicate glass
• Dishwasher safe
• Cheaper than a whole new French press

So instead of going out and purchasing a whole new set of for your French press, you can just order a new high quality beaker and save that extra money for some more high quality coffee.High quality beaker, indeed. This new beaker will last for a long time as long as you take some simple precautions. Always use wooden spoons, chopsticks or even plastic utensils to stir your beaker’s contents. You don’t want to crack or even shatter your new beaker by knocking the sides too hard with a metal spoon.


My Bodum Replacements Parts Recommendation


Its a beaker from Bodum, so if you have a Bodum product you can be assured of a regular a secure fitting spare beaker or other spare part. Never have to return an ill fitting or downright wrong shaped part. With a Bodum replacement 12 oz beaker.If you have grown accustomed, or even just out right addicted to French press coffee, you know that it is of the utmost importance to have a spare beaker around. So that when tragedy strikes, it won’t be all out mayhem.

Another wonderful thing about the replacement beakers, they are very durable and hard to break under normal wear and tear conditions. So even if your butter fingers strike again, there is a chance the beaker will survive. Wipe your hands after handling your buttered toast!Now that you know where and why to buy a replacement beaker for your favorite Bodum French press. Where can you buy cheap Bodum 12 cup French press replacement beakers? The answer is: Amazon and many other reputable online coffee paraphernalia dealer.


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